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While the politicization of national news has led to decreased trust by the public, Americans continue to have overwhelming faith in the fairness of their local television stations, newspapers, and online news sources.

At Headwaters Media, we draw upon years of experience at the highest levels of government, politics, and business to navigate the ever-changing local news landscape to tell the stories of our clients to the communities that matter most to them. From that point of strength, trust, and accuracy, we can then breakthrough the noise on the national level to help amplify key messages and narratives.

Headwaters Media also provides a full suite of public relations services to meet the increasingly complex challenges of its clients, including crisis communications, media training, and booking for television interviews both locally and national. At Headwaters Media we have the battle-tested experience to help tell your story the way you want it to be told.

Our Services

Strategic Communications Planning

Crises Communications & Rapid Response

Local News Media Placement

Television Booking

National Media Placement

Media Training for Print, Radio, & Television